Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holy Land, Day 3

Today we went to Sepphoris . Sepphoris is a place with a lot of mosaics. Mosaics are art made out of tiny tiles and the most famous mosaic is the Mona Lisa of Israel and it is about a drinking contest between Hercules and the god of wine. Then we went to the Valley of Megiddo which means Armageddon in Hebrew. After that we went to the Mediterranean Sea at Caesarea Maritima which was built by Herod the Great. We also saw an aqueduct and a hippodrome where they used to race chariots. Tonight we are staying in East Jerusalem.


  1. I think the picture doesn't do it justice. You are lucky to get to see the mosaic in person. The Valley of Megiddo must have been very interesting. You are experiencing all the places mentioned in the Bible. I am enjoying your blogs.